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Cardboard Boxes
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Cardboard Boxes with full color printing process 14pt,16pt,18pt and 24pt card stock with glossy or matte lamination. Free Shipping

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Cardboard boxes are majorly used for packaging and secure storage of materials and goods like cereals, drinks, pizza, and cigarettes etc. These are frequently used for packaging purpose when people are moving from one place to another place as you can place your luggage in an organized pattern in these boxes. There are many forms of these boxes but brown cardboard boxes are used preferably. You don’t need to buy a new box due to its advantage of reusing. Cardboard boxes are cheap and durable. While carrying some fragile material like glass, you should cover them with some cloth for their maximum protection.

Following features add stylish touch to cardboard boxes meanwhile these enhance chances of your product sale:

Customization: You can customize shape, size and design according to your products outline
Printing: Full color printing ( usually CMYK/PMS printing process is used) using vibrant colors
Logo: You should have your company logo along with unique product logo
Design: Create a unique design that showcase worth of your company
Quality: Use premium quality card-stock i.e 16pt or 18pt
Lamination: Gloss and matte lamination make software packaging boxes more durable
UV coating: Spot UV coating for additional glow
Tagline: Print a catchy tagline to get attention from your target customers
Printing: Brand your product with proper printing. We offer you best printing solutions

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Use of cardboard boxes:

It has a wide use in both commercial and domestic environment. Main uses of these boxes are as following:

• Secure packaging of goods
• Mean of advertisement of your company and product as it carry necessary details concerning
your company and product
• For shipping purpose

It is economical in nature due to recyclable nature so you should not worry about spending a lot of dollars, as saving money is main concern of every businessman. Important information regarding what’s inside and how to move it is printed on these boxes. Main use of these cardboard boxes is due to its durability so use high quality cardboard paper in order to gain trust of customers. Customers will stop relying on you if they will find poor quality product.

Cardboard boxes come in variety of designs and sizes depending upon framework of material to be packed. Metallic foil lining is sometimes used in interior side of box during pharmaceutical material packaging in order to preserve temperature. They can be print in any custom shape, size, color, size and quantity. Companies used to print their logo in order to maintain their reputation and to stand out from rest. Logos can be printed in embossing form that makes your boxes gorgeous and eye-catching. There are many finishing options from which you can choice including: Gloss lamination, Matte lamination, Spot UV coating. These finishing techniques not only make your boxes durable but also make them fade and weather resistant. Basically Spot UV is used to add extra shine; it can be applied either on some specific areas or on whole surface. Matte lamination gives a decent dull look

Tips of getting cardboard boxes in low budget:

If you are facing difficulty in getting cardboard boxes from stores than don’t worry, just visit It’s easy to order cardboard boxes online. You can find very cheap rates at our websites. You just have to tell size, shape and minimum amount of boxes that you require. A lot of discounts and free services are offered by online companies due to heavy competition. All you need is to select size, shape, strength, color, printing, coating and number of boxes. Lastly place your order. You can get what you want by few clicks

Important things need to know about cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are stronger and ever reliable boxes use in offices as well as homes. Unfortunately a common man did not know about the type of box which actually suits its needs. He did not even have answers of such basic questions like
What will be the size of box?

From which material it will be made of?

Which style theme, or color pattern suits the product more?

So when this person goes to a box store he became confuse what to buy.

To over come these problems first you make clear in your mind for which purpose you want the box, storing or for transportation.

1. For storing buy a large one box instead of small to hold many item in short space

2.  For transportation first take the measurements of product then purchase the box according to measurements.

Always keep in mind for storing purpose label your box according to item inside it will help you when you need it again. Your time will also save by this.

Why prefer cardboard boxes among others?

As these boxes are made with rigid cardboard or plain smooth paper which is easy to bend and fold. You can shape them easily in any form. Boxes are easy to made die cut, print and also become light in weight. These boxes have more versatile ways to use like

1. Moving

2. Transporting

3. For art and craft

4. To hold the garbage

5.  To hold kitchen and gardening items

So these boxes are more reliable to use due to its more valuable reasons. These boxes are made recyclable and also a single box can be use again and again for different task without being damage.

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