Telescoping Boxes ( Two Piece Boxes )

Telescoping Boxes
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Telescoping Boxes with full color printing process 14pt,16pt,18pt and 24pt card stock with glossy or matte lamination. Free Shipping

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Telescoping boxes are basically two piece boxes having a lid that can be detached or sometimes having an inner and outer carton. These are used for packaging of wide variety of products like consumer goods, food items, and jewelry etc. These are also used at birthdays and wedding occasions in order to present gifts. It is an attractive way of presentation of your products. Sometimes these boxes are used to place pins, tapes, cards etc. These boxes are integral part of almost every business and used as a promotional tool since it carries your company’s logo. These are widely used item in hospitals, electronic firms, pharmacies and offices etc.

Telescoping boxes are available in countless custom size, shape and style. These are created with 14pt/ 16pt and premium card stock. Full printing is done on them with CMYK and PMS printing process. PMS printing process offers you wide selection of colors. In order to make these telescoping boxes more durable and weather resistant, finishing is applied.

Following features add stylish touch to telescoping boxes meanwhile these enhance chances of your product sale:

Customization: You can customize shape, size and design according to your products outline
Printing: Full color printing ( usually CMYK/PMS printing process is used) using vibrant colors
Logo: You should have your company logo along with unique product logo
Design: Create a unique design that showcase worth of your company
Quality: Use premium quality card-stock i.e 16pt or 18pt
Lamination: Gloss and matte lamination make telescoping packaging boxes more durable
UV coating: Spot UV coating for additional glow
Tagline: Print a catchy tagline to get attention from your target customers
Printing: Brand your product with proper printing. We offer you best printing solutions

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Presentation of your product plays a significant role in gaining attention of prospective customers. People are going to judge worth of your company through presentation of your product. Quality of telescoping boxes and printing on them play a chief role in maintaining your brand’s reputation. Always use high quality in order to maintain your brand reputation along with attractive printing with vibrant colors. Major causes of rejection of these telescoping boxes by potential customers are due to their poor designing and low quality. Use of telescoping boxes depends upon its thickness, more the thickness is, heavier the item can be placed in it for packaging purpose.

There are many type of finishing offered in market like aqueous gloss lamination or matte lamination that is done according to the demand of customers. Sometimes you need an extra glow, for this Spot UV coating is applied. It is sometimes applied on whole surface of telescoping boxes and sometimes on some specific areas like on company’s logo and name in order to highlight these areas.

Uses of telescoping boxes:

• For packaging of products in organized manner
• For storage purpose
• For attractive presentation of your products
• To present a gift in a unique way
• With custom telescoping boxes you don’t need to wrap your gifts in gift paper

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The world of Custom telescoping boxes

To show products like cards or gifts in ceremonies or festivals in more attractive form telescoping boxes are use.

Why these boxes are widely acceptable?

These are powerful boxes and have the power to accommodate any kind of business easily. These can be use with equal percentage for professional as well as personal use. These are made custom and can hold any shape, size or style of product. These can be use equally for shipping and for storing items. These boxes are also use in malls or shops to hold small regular use items like nails, cards, pins, stationary etc. these are also use in hospitals to hold medical equipment, in factories to save tools inside, in electronic shops etc. that s why these are widely accepted.

Why cardboard is perfect material for telescoping boxes?

These boxes are made with cardboard or with hard smooth paper. The reason is that handling of this material is very easy and it can be folded easily to give any shape. It shows that cardboard boxes can accommodate any kind of items.

Secondly these boxes are preferred to use in shipping of heavy machine parts or tools which require a hard but flexible box. Both these qualities are present in this packing material. Boxes can be made with double, triple or multiple wall thickness depends upon the use and these walls are stick together with strong and reliable adhesives. Thus it shows that cardboard are best choice in packing.

How these boxes act as a gift box?

These boxes are made mostly in two pieces with hard and smooth card board. Boxes are made die cut to look more stylish.  After making shape these boxes are subjected to color printing. Colorful themes with very good finishing option are applied on these boxes. Thus at last the final look of box becomes elegant and it becomes a perfect box to gift in decent but lovely manner. Most interesting thing in that it does not require any extra wrapping or decorations.

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