Hair Extension Boxes

Hair Extension Boxes
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Hair Extension Boxes with full color printing process 14pt,16pt,18pt and 24pt card stock with glossy or matte lamination. Free Shipping

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We manufacture hair extension boxes with dedicated efforts to make their appearance attractive. We know that new styles of packaging boxes are introduced everyday in the fashion world. Hair extension boxes could be designed by applying different additions like laces or ribbons to make them more eye-catching. The adornment of the hair extension boxes makes the look very lovely and attractive for the clients so these could capture the attention and make them willing to purchase. The business could boost their sales and the income can also be increased when the people are involved to the products.

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Why hair extension boxes are important

Our hair extension boxes are working in double fact as these allow the products buyers to keep them clean without getting them messy. These boxes secure the product to the hair from moisture and dirt which could damage its quality. These include the hair buns need additional setting as these can get damaged easily and must be kept cautiously in the correct place so the hair extension boxes are required for making them stored and protected. Your gorgeous hair extensions should be supplied in a box which is proper for its covering and making the hair extension stylish and attractive look. This is an affordable and simple way of keeping the hair extensions curled or straightened means in their real shape without making them fold.

Best hair extension boxes designs

We make hair extension boxes by keeping in view the length and type of the product. We have many different designs for hair extension packaging designing. Adding panes can give a quick look inside hair extension. We provide you the best quality hair extension boxes. Our graceful and stylish hair extension boxes will force the customers to select your products. Branding is necessary for the modern era. Your name and logo act as your promoting tool. These devices have become compulsory for every company of hair extension. The colors which used for the printing are bright and vibrant which could make the hair extension boxes more charming and attractive. Latest techniques of CMYK are utilized which makes the best results of printing. The information associated to the use of your hair extension product also printed on the hair extension boxes to make it easy to use for the clients. They are provided with the information to keep them chic and eye-catching.

Kraft hair extension boxes

Kraft is best for the wigs needs. Its porous stuff makes air to pass to keep the products safe from unnecessary odors. Its rough surface enables us to develop glossy printing. Its color looks simple and decent in brown but we make them attractive by adding designs and windows to your specifications.

Cardboard hair extension boxes

We use cardboard sheets due to their beneficial and special characteristics. Cardboard is made up of numerous layers which provide them rigidity to hold things without any difficulty. Our expert team can manufacture your selected themes using these sheets and new techniques.

Corrugated hair extension boxes

Your hair extensions are sensitive as high temperatures. To save your items from such damage we suggest this material because it is insulated for protection. It is made up of 3 layers. It saves products from the high temperature of the surroundings. These layers also protect from external damage and smell. The external surface of corrugated hair extension boxes enables perfect printing which used for your branding promotion.
Our specialty
 We are eager to address your attentions when it comes to your custom hair extension packaging.  - Our product will save your hair extensions from any damages from occurring.
 - We are determined to improve your buyer base with new packaging boxes.
 - We will never let you down regarding delivery time.
 - Charges of manufacturing and printing hair extension boxes are the main concern of our companies. We guarantee to offer boxes at the lowest prices. - We kept our charges under control.
 - We have gained wide experience about the needs of customers belonging up to 30 industries.
 - You may order any specific design for printing or designing.

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