Silver Foil Boxes

Silver Foil Boxes
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Silver Foil Boxes with full color printing process 14pt,16pt,18pt and 24pt card stock with glossy or matte lamination. Free Shipping

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As we know that the product cannot speak its value itself, everyone is fascinated by the unique and attractive packaging special from its outer side. So it is necessary that we make our product boxes noticeable by each eye that passes from them. Silver foil boxes have an outstanding presence which can offend the existence of other. Such charisma and magnanimity have the ability to defeat the risk on the shelf. It can positively affect the sales of your company. We work to make them stand out from the competition by enhance the boxes looks. We provide our silver foil box study on printing plate and cutting die in foremost reasonable prices. Silver foil boxes are much ideal by the dealers and businessmen because it are very inexpensive and it minimizing the production costs. So by using silver foil boxes you can save you money and give a luxury packaging to your product.

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Personalized silver foil boxes

We can modify it to any shape, size, and color. We use the latest technology for silver foil box, Glossy Finish, aqueous coating, embossing, UV spot and frosted effect in High Frequency. We make silver foil box that is why we decrease its promoting and packaging cost. We respond to each production lead in time and deliver a sample for silver foil box.

Uses of silver foil boxes

It can be used for various products such as
Food packaging
Stationary packaging 
Cosmetic packaging 
Gift packaging
Electronic packaging

To inspire our clients we offer numerous designs to select the best for their products. Our experts are offered these designs in free of charge just for our respected consumers.

Offset, onscreen and digital printing

Our offset, onscreen and digital printing presses and latest technology for colors like the CMYK/PMS makes it possible for us to make high-class packaging boxes. Our top level finishing options improve the durability and charm of silver foil boxes. We give you a chance to design your own boxes with silver foil boxes or you can get your box designed by our experienced specialist. For this, you have to provide us all basic data like size, shape, and color to design your custom box so that we can create it exactly for your product as possible. We use silver foil to enclose the details of the product like your logo, brand name, and other details. Our experts will contact you and help you with best solutions and replacements, in case if your design is not possible. You would definitely enjoy our various latest techniques of designing.


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