Custom Boxes With Logo

Custom Boxes With Logo
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Custom Boxes With Logo with full color printing process 14pt,16pt,18pt and 24pt card stock with glossy or matte lamination. Free Shipping

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How to make custom boxes with logo

Promotional items are the best tool to promote any kind of business in the world trough custom boxes with logo. Also these boxes are design to give worth to your quality products. Due to Its reliable use these boxes give more value to your products. You can find more reliable way for shipping your small as well as large products by custom boxes with logo wholesale. You can deliver your products to your valuable customers in more professional and attractive way. You are now able to presents your small things in more pretty and presentable way. These boxes give you your individual identity among others and give you the confidence to stand and face the hazards of promotions with courage.

Reason of its wide acceptance:

With the advancement of time everything is now getting online to satisfy their needs these boxes are now use more. Custom boxes with logo can be use anywhere easily in homes as well as in working areas. In homes these boxes are used to store items, moving heavy as well as light weight items, to handle and store more things in less space etc. while in offices, shops and malls for delivering and presenting items. These boxes are made highly functional and custom in shape. These are available in each possible size and shape to offer vast variety of packing options. Now you can easily pack any round, square, oval shape products.

How these boxes are made professional?

Usually cardboard are used to make custom boxes with logo. The stock use is 14 pt to 16 pt.
Shape and size of box is decided
Free graphics and art work are then subjected  on these boxesthese boxes then undergo printing process

Following important printing process are used in making boxes

Flexo printing --- the most common among all and cheapest. It can print company information or description with artwork on the front part of box but only three basic colors are used in printing process.

Advance flexo printing --- this technique use four color pattern and give more clear appearance of graphics.

Screen printing --- for display and product boxes usually small in size screen printing is  the best choice. More than 4 color combinations are used in printing and also it offers less in coast to its buyers.

Litho printing --- it is more costly and more result giving technique. Any color  combination can be used here it can be used to print on large surfaces of box. It offers  high quality artworks and digital graphics.

Digital printing --- colorful printing process best to apply on corrugated boxes. These  are used to apply pictures and large graphics more safely and it gives more visibility to  your printing items. This printing technique is a little bit more costly.

For printing quality printing colors CMYK/PMS are use

Company logo, product detail also print on the box which give it more branded look

 Free lamination either gloss or matte are applied to enhance the effect of printing

 Embossing or debossing applied

 At last UV coating is applied to give safety from the outer environmental hazards

 Boxes are made die cut without using any binding material

 Auto lock system is applies to save the time and coast of tape and staples

 Made recyclable to get them easy to you

 Made eco friendly

By fulfill the following steps we get a box which not only look elegant in style but also look more professional in working and appearance

 Why we need a logo box?

To make your recognition among your competitors you must need custom boxes with  logo. These boxes make your way easy toward the way of progress and express you in  more professional and positive way. You can easily promote your items in cheap rates  throughout the world and most interesting fact is that product promotion is not only less  in coast but also long lasting in function. Your business becomes boosted and product  becomes look more branded and trustful.

To select a logo following things should be check first:

It should be easy to understand and easy to remember
Not too long to look massive and not too short to be ignorable
It matches to your product or company so that it can convey your message more clearly
It should be eye catching in appearance but professional in looks
Selection of color combination must match to your business or on the choice of your customers
As these boxes are custom so not the size and shape is your own choice but also
graphics and artwork including color scheme may also be applied of your choice.
Supreme quality boxes give impressive ways to you to explore your ideas in the market world and give satisfaction to your customers.

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